“We must allow that each dot eaten takes on a meaning for the Pac-Man that we can barely fathom.” Lucky Wander Boy by D.B. Weiss

What if those eaten were more than dots but worlds like those marbles in the movie Contact with Jodie Foster? The Pac-Man can eat hundreds of worlds before being cornered by a ghost. The Pac-Man empties when it disappears off screen, making room for more oceans, monuments, cradles, volcanoes, comic books, pebbles, dust particles, and everything we know. A good player should make the Pac-Man and all the men and women of those worlds live forever. Alex wants to live indefinitely in the belly of the Pac-Man. Bobbi isn’t sure what happens to everything when the ghost finally gets the Pac-Man. That was the first time Alex felt the sting of nihilism.



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